I haven't posted for a while so I'll take a second to bring you, the reader, up to speed. 


I've been writing and stuff. 


Crap. That really seemed more detailed in my head. I have finished the first draft of another novella that follows the exploits of Tom and Weston. This is the story of one of the single most important moments in both of their lives. It changes them both and each step that comes after takes them further and further from human. Of course there is also blood, death, and mayhem every step of the way.


I saw the best horror movie of the year, Occullus. Simple put it's the tale of a haunted object, a mirror, and how it goes around killing people. The most interesting point about this movie is how the mirror kills, subtle confusion. It manipulates a family in very subtle ways until they get so far gone that they can't tell reality from illusion. Then of course, it kills everyone.


Unlike most horror movies it's really well written and acted. The standard horror movie formula is stupid people making stupid decisions until the dying starts, and then the panic takes over. This movies is spooky because of the near plausibility of the situation. It actually shows circumstances that you could ind yourself in.


In other news I've been working on a speculation manuscript to be submitted to a major franchise. When it's finished I'll shop it out, but if nothing comes of that then I'll probably post it here in it's entirety, just so someone an read it. Writing it has been a lot of fun as well as a great exercise. It was a project that took me out of nineteen hundreds America into a time and place very different. The last Tom and Weston story I just finished was the ninth in the series, and getting out of that saddle briefly felt pretty good. 


Once this project plays itself out I'll be getting back into that saddle to write a Tom and Weston story that I've been wanting to write for the last two years. It centers around a villain that has been manipulating Weston's family for the last three generations. Known only as Mr. Quick, for his ability to escape impossible situations, he is a villain that will push Tom and Weston beyond their limits. 


Until next time.

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