Preliminary Results

I want to thank every one who picked up a copy of The Siege of Fort Brown. The early numbers say that we sold over 500 copies, a small number compared to J.k. Rowling, but a large number compared to Snooki's book. The follow up story will be hitting the shelves late January to mid February. 


The next Job will take Tom and Weston away from Texas towards the East coast, tipped off by a friend they track down an anti-deluvian creature tearing into the locals of a small town. 


I'll post a more detailed preview closer to the publication date. In the mean time a few questions have popped up about what I did before I started publishing. Well, the short story is that I've done a myriad of different things. The only job I had for more than two years was teaching martial arts, or as I liked to think of it, beating people up for money. Yes, you can make a very nice living at it. Of course one of the nice aspects is working with kids. Oddly, the more you smack them around the better they liked you.




I haven't taught publicly since I returned from Japan in 2012, but always in motion is the future. I haven't had much time for continued training these days. I have something that keeps me pretty busy now. Most of my time is split between research and speaking with consultants, two specific men are always keen to get their stories out.


I'm being strongly encouraged to work on my shooting, defensive driving, and climbing skills for accuracy in future material, so I've located a place in Nevada to do just that. I'll post pics as come up. I'm sure I'll look quit comical trying to learn those things. 




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