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Hunters. In pre-Civil War America a gunslinger and a priest stalk from coast to coast hunting monsters, exorcising demons, and secretly shaping the history of the nation.


The Siege of Fort Brown: NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

   Tom and Weston must pose as US Army officers to take possession an artifact discovered in a Texas mining town that drove everyone insane. When a Mexican army is spotted marching towards the area Tom and Weston are forced to cover in a nearby fort with the real US Army. 

   Tom and Weston quickly realize that the Mexican Army surrounding their fort are all undead, and being led by a demon to take the artifact. They have to convince the commanding officer of the dangers they face, and find a way to escape the undead siege with the artifact. 



Kindle Worlds: 

The 100: The 10

    Falling From Grace - Currently Unavailable

   Cold Welcome - Currently Unavailable



The ARK Team Series.

Follow this team of Marines and their civilian science adviser through a portal that takes them all across the galaxy while they are fighting a pitched war against the alien race that inspired the Egyptian pantheon.

   The sarcasm flies faster than the plasma bolts as they explore new worlds, make contact with alien life forms, and try not to act like the most primitive species in the galaxy.











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